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Create Your Own Survey Project

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1. Choose a topic for your Survey.

Topic choices may include:

     1. Sports

     2. School

     3. Hobbies

     4. Music

     5. Television

     6. Movies

     7. Other ideas?  Check with your teacher.



2. Create a Survey (form) in Google Docs. 


     1.Login to Google Docs

     2.Go to CREATE NEW > FORM.

     3. Check out these sample questions


Your survey MUST include the following:


A minimum of 7 questions in total.
     A question that asks for a person's First Name .
     A question that asks for a person's Last Name (separate from the first name question) .
     At least 2 of those questions must collect numerical data (answers are in the form of numbers) .
     At least 2 of those questions must collect non-numerical data (answers are in the form of words)

Avoid questions that require people to type in the answer.  Instead give them multiple choices or lists to check off.  You may include an "other" choice at the end of these lists.

Add a "theme" to your Survey.
State the purpose of your survey under the title.


Check the requirements for this project in this Assessment


3. Share your survey with others

     When you are done creating your survey Share it hrough the Google Doc set up by your teacher.


     Mr. DeBlock's class - paste the link to your survey here.


      Mr. Olejarz's Class click her to enter your survey link.





4. Take other People's Surveys

     After you have pasted the link to your survey:


     Mr D's Classes, go here and take other people's surveys.


     Mr. Olejarz's class - click here to take your classmates surveys.



5. Class Discussion of Survey Quality

     What were some common mistakes that people made when asking questions in their surveys?

               Spelling and Grammar? No choice for "other"? Confusing questions?  Issues with "time" answers?



6. Analyze your data

     Now that you have results form you survey, let's analyze them.



Analysis Using Google Spreadhsheets


     Complete the following tasks in Google Docs.


     1. Create 4 new worksheets and name them:


  • Alpha
  • Average
  • Sum
  • Double Sort 
  • Rename the 1st sheet "Original"


     2. On the Alpha sheet, sort your data alphabetically by last name

     3. On the Average sheet, use a function to find the average of a set of numbers in your data.

     4. On the Sum sheet, use the a function to find the sum of a set of numbers in your data.

     5. On the Double Sort sheet, do a sort "by, then by" of your choice.

     6. Use "Form>Show Summary of Responses" to examine the graphs created by your data.






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