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Home Office Budget Project

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Eisenhower Middle School

Wyckoff, New Jersey



Mr. Bonavitacola Mr. DeBlock
Mr. Olejarz



Computer Technology 7-1


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10. Office Budget Project


Students will work in groups to create a $1,500 budget for an office. 

Students will use 2 competitors websites to create comparative price spread sheets.


Student 1: OfficeDepot.com

Student 2: Staples.com 

(If permitted by teacher) Student 3: OfficeMax.com


Part 1

Create your spreadsheet in Google Apps.


Label your columns: 1. Category 2. Item 3. Office Depot 4. Staples 5. Minimum Price


Spreadsheet Before Shopping

Spreadsheet After Shopping



Items you must purchase:

1. Desk

2. Computer (Desktop or Laptop)

3. Phone

4. Chair

5. Filing Cabinet

6. Digital Camera

7. Office Supplies


9. Anything else you might need in your office. 


Part 2

Graph your results. Create a graph that displays where your money has been spent.

     1.Highlight the data in the ITEM, STAPLES, OFFICE DEPOT, OFFICE MAX and MINIMUM columns. (Including the Headings of each column) DO NOT HIGHLIGHT THE CATEGORY COLUMN!

     2.Click the graph icon. Choose CHARTS

     3.Choose a column graph. Click the column graph image on the top.

     4. Create a CHART TITLE and LABEL both the Vertical and Horizontal Axis.

     5. Click on INSERT.  Double check your graph.

     6. Adjust the colors if you desire.


Part 3


    Answer the following questions

     1. When shopping online for items, name three factors that played a role in deciding on which item you chose from your store.

     2. Which of the factors from Question #1 do you think are the most important when shopping online?
     3. What role did having a budget play in the final decision of which items to choose.




Answering the Questions Using the Comments Feature

Type the words below in some cells underneath your data.

Answer each of the questions above using Comments.  Go to INSERT, COMMENTS for each question.  Make sure you are on one of the cells above when you insert the comment.  A small triangle will appear after you have inserted the comment.


Mr DeBlock's Assessment for this project.



Write a conclusion.  Explain why you purchased your 3 highest priced items and explain which office supply store has the better prices.


Mr. Olejarz's Class - Click here for the survey on your Office Budget Project.








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