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Website Review

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Eisenhower Middle School

Wyckoff, New Jersey



Mr. Bonavitacola Mr. DeBlock
Mr. Olejarz



Data Analysis and Presentation


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5. Website Review

Students will work in groups of two or three. Each group will be assigned a website to review using the checklist. Students will then report on the website to the class.


Possible Websites to be Evaluated:


  1. Aluminum Foil Detector Beanie

  2. Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide

  3. Boilerplate, the Victorian Era Robot

  4. American Revolution

  5. Buy An Ancestor Online

  6. Click Monkeys

  7. California Velcro Crop

  8. Dog Island

  9. Funky Shoes

  10. Jackalope Conspiracy

  11. McWhortle Enterprises, Inc.

  12. Miskatonic University

  13. What came first - the chicken or the egg?

  14. The Republic of Cascadia

  15. Tree Octopus

  16. RYT Hospital

  17. Varicella Vaccine
  18. Hurricane Myths and Tips
  19. Tornado Myths and Tips
  20. Missle Mail

  21. Rabbit Pests

  22. iSaw
  23. Manhattan Airport

  24. Fisher Price Airplane

  25. Sellafield Zoo

  26. The Pony Express

  27. Google Technology

  28. Save the Guinea Worm

  29. Petrol Direct
  30. Dehydrated Water
  31. Mothers Against Videogame Addiction and Violence
  32. Music Faun
  33. Google TiSP
  34. Google Gulp
  35. Dinosaurs  
  36. World Trade Organization
  37. Travel Guides
  38. Rolltop computer
  39. Google Multitask 
  40. What's a Dinosaur? 


Option #1 - Class Evaluation - each student is assigned one website to review.  Each student completes one slide in the presentations below.

Mr D's Period 2 Go Here

Mr D's Period 8 Go Here



Option #2 - Individual Presentations - each student creates a presentation about the website they reviewed.

1. Evaluating a website Presentation - Presentation from the Springfield Township Virtual Library

2. Evaluating a Website Review Checklist



3. Use a printed copy of this document to evaluate a website.


4. Student Website Presentation Template - Each group must download this file and use it as the template for their website evaluation presentation.

Or use the Google Docs Presentation Templateby Going to Google Docs Templates and selecting the Website Evaluation Template.


5. Website Evaluation Rubric.doc


6.   Use the Website Evaluation Checklist to make sure you have completed the requirements.


7. Students Presentation Evaluation Rubric



Option #3

Small Group Website Evaluation

In groups of 3 or 4 - students will evaluate 3-4 sites and create a presentation with the following info.  The students will "jigsaw" and presentations will be shared in small groups in the classroom.


See a Sample Slide


     1. Title Slide with the student names.

     2. Create one slide for each of the websites that you review.  Each slide should contain:

          A. Title of Website (turn the title into a hyperlink to the site)

          B. What is the purpose of the site? 

          C. What makes the site seem reliable?

          D. What makes the site seem unreliable?

          E. Put one image related to the site on the slide.



Click here to see the Brain Pop Video "Online Sources" (Ask your teacher for a login and password)


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