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Create Your Own Budget

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Imagine you have just won a gift card from a local radio station contest! 

The card is worth $1000.

What will you spend it on? 




A. Choose one of the following topics and create a budget for items in that category.


  • clothes and accessories
  • sports related equipment
  • home entertainment system
  • hobby related items such as photography, art, dance, etc
  • computer related equipment - computer, printer, supplies, ect
  • video game supplies and equipment



B. Create a spreadsheet in Google Spreadsheets that will help you to calculate the money as you spend it. DO THIS BEFORE YOU "SHOP".


Use this table as a guideline for setting up your spreadsheet.  Insert sum formulas (under the "E") in the bottom of column C.

  A B C
1 Name of the Item
Name of Store
Cost of Item


12   Total Budget 1000
13   Total Spent so far =sum(C2:C11)
14   Total money left to spend =sum(C12-C13)


1. Your spreadsheet must include the following:

  • You must spend your money on at least 5 different items.
  • A column with the Names of the items you would purchase
  • A column with the Name of the online stores where you would purchase the items
  • A column with the price of each item


2. Your Spreadsheet must use formulas (such as "=sum(C7-C8)") to calculate

  • the total cost of all of the items you would buy
  • the amount of money you are spending as you spend it (amount spent so far)
  • the amount of money you have left in your budget.


3. You must put a column graph in your spreadsheet too. 

     A. Highlight the info in B12 through C14. 

     B. Go to INSERT>CHART

     C.Choose a COLUMN CHART

     D. Click INSERT

     E. Customize your chart colors


The graph must also include:

  • a title
  • a vertical axis label
  • a horizontal axis label


C. Choose one or two online stores and "shop" for items in your budget.  

     Fill in the spreadsheet as shop.  Try to spend most of your money - You must spend between $900-$1000.


Mr DeBlock's Assessment for this project.

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