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Info Survey Project

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Your group is being hired to create a survey.  Your group is to create survey that meets your clients goals.

Below are possible topics.   



1.  A new video game company is ready to produce its first game.  They are looking to make a sports game. Find out what types of games are the most popular.  Find out if what type of sports game they should produce and for what gaming system. 


2. LG is looking to make a brand new cell phone to market to middle school students. Find out what kind of phone they should make.  Qwerty, touchscreen, etc. Also find out what additional features should be added like camera, video, etc.


3. A new tv show is being produced.  Find out when students watch TV.  Find out if they would watch a TV show on an iPod, laptop, or any other portable device.  Find out if they DVR shows or watch them when they premiere.


4.  A social networking site wants to find out about cyber-bullying.  Find out if people have ever been cyber-bullied online.  Find out if people you know have experienced online bullying.  Find out if you would post a picture of someone online without their permission.


5. A music store is looking to move their operation online. Find out if people your age have made purchases online (with their parents), how often do you buy things online.  What types of things might you not buy online.


6.  Apple wants to make a new ipod.  Find out what features should be added to the next iPod.  Come up with questions related to music, video, apps, etc.


Project Requirements


1. Each member of the group must create at least 2 questions. One question should use the SCALE type of form question.


2. The survey must not have more than 10 questions.


3. Make a presentation that includes:

  • CONCLUSION -Explain what the product will be like based on your survey results.




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