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6 (A) Food Survey Project

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7th Grade Survey Project
Goal -  Determine what items should be on your food menu and find out what your establishment should look like.

  • Each group must create a Survey using Google forms.
  • Each survey must contain 7 questions. Groups of 4 must have at least 8 questions.
  • Do not exceed 10 questions on your survey.
  • At least 5 questions should be multiple choice or check boxes.
  • If you complete your survey create a google presentation and work on your first slide - Title Slide.  Design your slide and come up with a creative title.
  • Share the presentation with everyone in the group.

  • Food Survey Presentation Checklist

    1. A title slide.  Make it good! Make it exciting! Ask a question! Make a statement!

    2. Goal Slide -  What was the goal of the survey.

    3. A slide for each question asked.
    Each slide must contain a screen capture of the chart/graph and info from your summary of results in Google Apps. COMMAND + SHIFT + 4 to perform a screen capture
    Each slide should have a picture associated with the info on screen.  Make sure the picture is clear and does not get in the way of any text.
    State more than the obvious. Present information that shows that you have analyzed the results and data.

    4. Menu Slide - Create a slide that shows what will be on menu of your eatery.

    5. Conclusion slide - How would you summarize your project in 2-3 sentences. Tell us about the main things that stuck out.

    6.  What would you differently slide.  Reflect on the process of creating the survey and getting back your results.  What issues did you face?  What questions do you wish you would have asked?  What would you do to make your survey better if you had to start over?

    Have Fun & Remember to use all the techniques learned in the Bad Presentation project.


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